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What people get wrong about “mental toughness”

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

There’s a trait that separates people who reach their goals from those who struggle.

It’s not talent, luck, or genetics (although those things don’t hurt).

This trait does more than just help you reach your health & fitness goals.

It also helps you do better in school, excel in sports and your career, and it also plays a role in being a better parent and/or spouse.

It’s mental toughness — aka personal responsibility and accountability — and it’s something you can get better at, over time.

FUN FACT: It might mean something different than you think.

It’s NOT about being a single-minded drill sergeant who harps on discipline all the time.

In fact, it’s almost the OPPOSITE of that.

It’s more about being able to stay focused and determined when challenges pop up — and having the resilience and flexibility to overcome obstacles so you can keep moving toward your goals.

It pays off by helping you manage your thoughts, emotions, and actions so that you can keep a positive mindset!

And even more importantly, it’s about LOVING YOURSELF enough to follow through on your self-care and your goals.

You deserve it!

And that leads me to a little assignment for you — one that has BIG payoffs.

Step 1: Come up with ONE THING that you can do this week to move you closer to one of your goals.

Choose something that you know you have the time and resources for. Examples:

  • Hitting all your workouts

  • Avoiding processed or junk food

  • Meditating every morning

  • Signing up for Forging The New You 😉

Step 2: COMMIT to follow through and get it done.

Following through with the commitments you make to yourself helps build confidence… which leads to even greater mental toughness.

Here’s a quote to keep in mind:

The oak tree fought the wind and was broken, but the willow tree bent and survived. – Robert Jordan
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