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The thing that’s holding you back

This month we’re tackling a big topic: getting rid of what’s standing between you and your goals.

This could be what you put in your body (food) … what you focus on with your thoughts and beliefs … and anything else that’s cluttering up your health & fitness journey.

The first step is probably the hardest …

It’s getting REAL and identifying exactly what’s holding you back.

It’s a challenge because we can get into autopilot with our everyday life … and we don’t even notice what’s in our way!

I have an exercise you can do to help.

Grab your favorite pen and a journal – or open a Google doc – and start writing.

(Pro tip: The words you will write are for YOUR EYES ONLY and you can throw away/delete what you write later if you want!)

Make a list of ALL of the reasons you think you haven’t been able to achieve your goals.

Seriously, write down everything!

Maybe you hate getting up early … don’t like “healthy” foods … feel like you don’t have willpower or motivation … feel overwhelmed … feel alone in your journey … or maybe there are factors outside of your control.

Or maybe you think your goals are for other people – not for you.

Let loose and write it ALL down.

THEN, read through your list and look for common themes: time factors, mindset/motivation issues, confidence, support/accountability, etc.

Now it’s time to get into problem-solving mode and TAKE ACTION.

  • Don’t have support? Find it! Think of the health-minded people in your circle and enlist them, search for an online community, and/or work with a coach (a real game changer).

  • Not enough time? Get creative. Find ways to sneak fitness into the spare moments of your life. A coach can help with this, too.

  • Mindset issues? Surround yourself with motivation – read self-development books, watch inspiring YouTube videos, and keep a journal to track your progress. This is a HUGE area where a coach can help.

Imagine how great will it feel to finally ditch the obstacles between you and your goals.


And we’re here for you if you don’t want to do it alone.

If you’re ready to start feeling confident, more energetic, and having those clothes feeling loose without starving yourself with some strange diet or detox and without spending HOURS in the gym my Forging The New You was created just for you. Book a call to see how it can help you feeling confident, more energetic, and having looser fitting clothes in just 16 weeks.

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