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The Big 3 to Boost Your Brain

When was the last time you tried something new? (You’ll see why I’m asking in a second.)

This month I’ve been talking a lot about your muscles… and how strength training is great for your bones, metabolism, heart, stress level, confidence, and so much more.

But check this out! Your BRAIN benefits from regular training too.

The fact is, your brain can absolutely learn and grow as you get older – but you have to train it to maintain its “plasticity.”

The best way to do it?


Experts say there are 3 guidelines for training to improve plasticity:

  • Do challenging activities that are out of your comfort zone and give your brain the chance to learn something new and improve.

  • Make sure they are complex enough to get your brain into creative and problem-solving mode.

  • Choose activities that take some practice! The goal isn’t to be perfect – instead, it’s about working towards gradual improvement.

For example, you might learn how to strength train, take a new fitness class, or make it a point to learn and make new healthy recipes every week!

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