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"Mom, aren’t you happy?...”

A mom recently told me a story.

She was picking her daughter up from daycare…

When her daughter walked out the door and saw her mom, her face lit up with the biggest smile as she bolted to her like a bouncing ball of energy.

But mom didn’t feel the same.

She was happy…

But she was SO soooooo tired…

And SO exhausted…

She couldn’t muster up the energy to show it.

And it seemed like she didn’t even care.

“Mommy, aren’t you happy to see me!?”

It was devastating.

Because mom didn’t realize how bad things were.

Of course she cared.

She cared A LOT.

But her insecurity in her clothes and the weight she had been trying to get rid of for years were creating this big black cloud storming over her life.

It made her feel terrible.

Sadly, this sort of thing happens all the time.

When we’re not comfortable in our skin and we fail to prioritize ourselves the RIGHT way, it impacts those closest to us.

Moms (and Dads), we set the example.

And it’s passed on to our kids.

Personally, in my household we make it a priority to…

❤️ Be a positive role model and inspire our kids to be healthy, happy and confident.

❤️ Do the things that give us energy to keep up with our kids so we can make the most out of every day and every moment with them.

Even things like picking up your kid from daycare can have a huge impact.

If you’re anything like me, that means no foods are off limits, we simply eat certain things in moderation…

It means fueling my body with ENOUGH food because I played the restriction game for far too long and I noticed how it impacted my temper and mood…

It means moving my body and building STRENGTH so my kids see what Mom and Dad is capable of…

We can inspire our kids to become more fit, healthy, confident and secure… without even forcing it on them.

If that’s something that is important to you…

I’ve helped so many moms and dads already. Parents who struggled for years to figure this out on their own.

My goal is to make everything doable. Simpler. Faster.

A more fun journey engaging with other supporting moms and dads that understand you.

Just know that there’s a community available to you where you are celebrated for prioritizing yourself because of the impact that is has on the ones you love most.

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