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15 Ways to Express Gratitude (that aren’t journaling!)

Let’s talk about GRATITUDE.

I put together a fun list of 15 ways you can express gratitude (and none of them include keeping a gratitude journal, although I love that idea, too!).

Gratitude can seem like one of those “feel-good” activities that you’re “supposed to do” for your overall well-being but really doesn’t move the needle.

But that’s not the case!

Research shows that regularly expressing gratitude helps:

  • Lower depression

  • Manage anxiety

  • Support heart health

  • Improve your sleep

  • Manage stress

… and studies continue to hint that it may help benefit your immune health and more.

PLUS: Have you ever noticed how virtually every successful person mentions that they make time for gratitude in their busy schedule?

Pretty good for something that doesn’t cost a penny, takes very little effort, and leaves you with warm fuzzy feelings. Right?

15 Ways to Express Gratitude

  1. Say a sincere, look-them-in-the-eyes “thank you” to someone who does something nice for you — or simply for being in your life.

  2. Write a letter to someone who has made a significant impact on your life, even if they are no longer with us.

  3. Create a gratitude jar. Write down things you’re grateful for on small pieces of paper and put them in a jar. Then, when you’re feeling down, pull out a piece of paper and remind yourself of the good in your life!

  4. Send a small “just because” gift to someone you appreciate.

  5. Pay someone a compliment.

  6. Cook a meal for someone you’re grateful for.

  7. Support a cause that you or someone important to you cares about.

  8. Create art (a drawing, song, poem, dance, or other form of expression) about something you’re grateful for.

  9. Work out. Express gratitude for your health by taking care of your body.

  10. Be (intentionally) patient. The next time you’re feeling frustrated, take a few breaths as a show of understanding and gratitude for others.

  11. Send someone a text letting them know you’re thankful for them.

  12. Leave a Post-It note for someone you care about, expressing your gratitude for them — leave it on their car, desk, mirror, lunch, or other “surprise” spot.

  13. Pay it forward. When someone does something kind for you, pass on the good deed by doing something kind for someone else.

  14. Practice a random act of kindness for someone — pay for their coffee, pick up trash, or mow or shovel your neighbor’s walkway.

  15. Volunteer your time with a local food bank, animal shelter, or other organization to show your gratitude to your community.

Choose 1 or 2 of the items on this list and get them done this week!

Even better: enlist a family member or friend. Not only will you get those warm fuzzy feelings I mentioned above, others will benefit, too.

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